What is Greenpreneur

What is Greenpreneur? 

We are a grass-roots goods and services directory that aims to connect our community and foster eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions to the emerging climate crisis.
We want to grow a greener economy together.

Who is Greenpreneur?

At Greenpreneur, we believe that many hands make light work, especially when considering meaningful environmental impact. 
We want to provide a platform for everyone, from young to old, for businesses and individuals to come together and share their resources and skills to better the environment and our communities.

What does Greenpreneur do?

What can Greenpreneur do for my businesses?

We all know that running a business can often be a time-consuming and costly venture. But did you know that by implementing eco-friendly solutions, you can help reduce your environmental impact and save money? 
Or, your business could provide eco-friendly goods and services that others want to implement in their day-to-day operations. 

By setting up a business profile on Greenpreneur, you can:
  • Display your environmental impact reductions with pride
  • Partner with others to exchange eco-friendly and cost-cutting advice 
  • Find or provide quotes for ethical goods and services 
  • List your short and long-term environmental goals 
  • Be a part of growing a greener economy together

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