Greenpreneur is located in a beautiful part of the world, in Sydney, Australia.

Greenpreneur has developed a system to efficiently reduce resource consumption and manage them better with the community's help with a different approach.

Businesses implementing resource-saving actions attract the up-and-coming generation, who are increasingly seeking sustainability and socially and environmentally responsible companies to deal with. Greenpreneur is a platform where Individuals can diversify and become small entrepreneurs by asking for help. 

The Greenpreneur directory will bring great social-economic benefits to the world.

As an example, please take a look at Implementation Symbol No. L37 (Spontaneous rubbish pic-up) is one of the few displayed by Business, willing to demonstrate how things can be handled and managed better. With over eighty actions to choose from, we can learn how simple it is to save resources and a lot of money by using Greenpreneur for our goods and services needs. Businesses implement those resource-saving actions, where Individuals offer their services to other individuals or companies with their intent to get involved, bringing their interest, passion, enthusiasm, and new ideas, also helping them grow and perhaps later be employed. 
Individuals can get together, share tools or space share to achieve something great or meet for a hobby.
Joining Greenpreneur will enhance everybody's quality and purpose in life.

Many wealthy people out there would love to meet enthusiastic and responsible individuals to give them all they can and not only be onlookers in how we destroy the planet.
Businesses are closing due to the person's old age, so why sell all the infrastructure where the same person could teach a young, willing person and have fun seeing his well-established business go on and visit occasionally for coffee?
Businesses can save a lot of money by implementing resource-saving strategies, being tax deductible as well, and at the same time giving something back to the community.

We are, thank you!

Together Implementing a Better Future
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