L26 - Temperature Reduction Program

Implementing this symbol means that the business/company has installed a smart temperature controller, which automatically adjusts the internal air temperature of the building at night.

This thermostatic controller adjusts interior temperatures in relation to external temperatures so that a comfortable temperature is automatically maintained in summer without requiring the air-conditioning to do the work. It controls the temperature of air and the internal structural mass inside the building by the intake of the cooler night air. Large buildings usually have an already existing fresh air intake duct, which can be used to achieve this function. If that intake is too small, a larger intake duct can always be installed in order to achieve the required airflow. If there is no fresh air intake mechanism, your air-conditioning specialist can advise you on how to set this up using your existing ducted air-conditioning system, or you could simply install an air intake grill or chimney. 
For a smaller business, this can also be achieved manually, where the fan can be controlled via a simple manually adjustable wall thermostat plugged into a timer, allowing you to switch your air-conditioning system on at night. Please note that lighting inside the shop produces heat, therefore we recommend that all lights be switched off. If that’s not practical, please consider the LED technology, which produces far less heat and saves you further energy costs and further saving on your air-conditioning running costs, during the day and at night. If you have 10 x 60w light globes, they will produce 600w of heat every hour, so that after 10 hours, 6.0 kW of heat will have to be digested by your air-conditioning system. 


Example: Temperature reduction with Free-cooling option. 10m x 10m x 2.4m Warehouse Reducing daytime air-conditioning power consumption using the so-called Free-cooling function. This is using the night cooler external air temperature in order to reduce the interior air and mass. In most cases, it results in not requiring the Air-conditioning at all the next day. Example made with 4 Hrs less Air-conditioning running time.
NoteTimes/Hours/Amount UsedDays Per Week UsedDays Used in One YearConsumption of ResourceTotal Use of ResourceCost of Resource Per UnitTotal Resource Cost in One YearEstimated Implementation CostEstimated Savings in Five YearsEstimate Pay Off Time
Without Implementation20 Hrs5 Days245 Days4.0 kWh19'600 kW$ 0.27$ 5'292.00---
With Implementation16 Hrs5 Days245 Days4.0 kWh15'680 kW$ 0.27$ 4'233.60$ 1'000.00$ 1'058.001 Year