L25 - Refrigerator Door Seal

Implementing this symbol means that the business/company is regularly keeping an eye on the proper sealing of all cold rooms and refrigerator door seals. Save $ 1,186.60

Businesses implementing this symbol are also vigilant in monitoring unnecessary overtime working of refrigeration equipment to minimize wear and tear and dehydration of food. Door seals normally last a long time if kept clean. Use an old toothbrush and moisten the seal with a film of Vaseline lubricant, this will keep your door seal from drying out and breaking. The seal will outlive the lifetime of the actual refrigerator if done every two months.
You will save the seal from breaking and also save electricity if the broken seal is gone unnoticed.


Example: 1.0 kWh Compressor power consumption running one commercial four-door upright refrigerator + estimated 15% extra consumption due to one broken seal.
NoteTimes/Hours/Amount UsedDays Per Week UsedDays Used in One YearConsumption of ResourceTotal Use of ResourceCost of Resource Per UnitTotal Resource Cost in One YearEstimated Implementation CostEstimated Savings in Five YearsEstimate Pay Off Time
Without Implementation18.4 Hrs Includes The Extra 15%7 Days365 Days6.0 kWh6'716 kW$ 0.27$ 1'813.32---
With Implementation16 Hrs7 Days365 Days5.0 KWh5'840 KW$ 0.27$ 1'576.00$ 150.00$ 1'186.60One Year