M18 - Plastic Bag Recycling Station

Implementing this symbol means that the business/company is helping customers to recycle shopping bags by making a bin/box available near the main entrance. Save 1'725 Plastic bags
Implementation of this symbol means having a bin/ box available for customers - perhaps the bin or box could be painted by children to attract attention to its environmental message, and also to have the community's children involved in the process of greening our communities.  Teaching children to be aware of the damage plastic bags do to the environment is a great service and as your bin/box collects quantities of plastic bags, you can feel proud of your contribution to this education. The collection itself could become a campaign to raise awareness in your area and you could have a large public display of the weekly count of bags collected, encouraging customers to adopt and contribute to mindfulness and concern to this change. This practice could be adopted by every shop so that customers realize that it is not about the money. Plastic bags are eliminated already throughout Europe and people use their own thin compostable material bags in their pockets, well folded and placed as a habit in every woman's handbag or in a man's back pocket.  implementation of this symbol means that you are concerned and are helping address the issue and are participating in generating awareness amongst your community by offering your commitment and the effort to request the change. If the collection bin or box is not painted by children you can always print our plastic bag-recycling label from our resource section. Every bag counts.
There are many other microplastics entering our ecosystem, plastics have gone unnoticed and were left outside also break down slowly and cause the same problem, perhaps not breaking down in small particles but liberating chemicals and microscopic plastic particles, contaminating absolutely everything around us. Not picking up plastic materials, and leaving them lying around in our backyards jeopardize everybody's health and cause irreversible damage to our DNA.
Garden sheds or plastic covering or netting to our veggie patches should be avoided or disposed of before they become brittle or fall apart.
Plastic bags in their millions are breaking down into small particles in our landfills, becoming airborne and inevitably reaching our waterways and ending up in the sea. These small particles enter our delicate ecosystem in many ways, also to be found on the streets, in bushland, in waterways, and everywhere else. Our wildlife mistake those particles for food and a large amount of this wildlife is lost this way. Thousands of sea turtles, birds, and fish die agonizing deaths after consuming plastic bag particles. To lose our precious wildlife and some species already to their extinction, and jeopardize our own survival for the sake of ignorance, and convenience is insane. We, humans, have the potential and responsibility to manage and maintain a balance in the ecosystem if we become conscious enough, and here is one simple way to contribute to the healing of the planet.

Example: With one plastic bag per person used every day. Disruption of the ecosystem due to most plastic bags are going to landfills, taken by the wind damaging our Food-chain and entering and polluting our Water supply.
NoteTimes/Hours/Amount UsedDays Per Week UsedDays Used in One YearConsumption of ResourceTotal Use of ResourceCost of Resource Per UnitTotal Resource Cost in One YearEstimated Implementation CostEstimated Savings in Five YearsEstimate Pay Off Time
Without ImplementationWasted 1x 4g HDPE Thin Plastic Bag per Day7 Days365 Days1.46 Kg of HDPE per person per Year27 million 600 Thousand Kg of HDPE PlasticCost Included In The cost of The goods$ 0.00 to the Retailer$ 0.00 to the Retailer20 Million Population Use an Estimated 1'725 Bags per person In 5 years (Australia)Plastic + Energy Wasted On Landfill + Eco system Damage
With ImplementationRecycled 1x 4g HDPE Thin Plastic Bag7 Days365 Days1.46 Kg of HDPE per person per Year Saved27 million 600 Thousand Kg of HDPE PlasticYour cost When shoppingDamage To Your eco System$ 0.0020 Million Population Use an Estimated 1'725 Bags per person In 5 years (Australia)Plastic + Energy Saved No Landfill + Ecosystem saved