M27 - Waste Water Recycled

Implementing this symbol means that the business/company collects water that contains contaminants and filters that water for reuse.
There are a number of technologies available from which you can choose to suit your needs and budget. Wastewater is a great way to reduce your potable water supply, as well as for all commercial and industrial needs. A variety of filtration systems are available depending on the contaminants you need to remove. Water filtration and purification systems are cost-effective and relatively simple to install and maintain. Included here are sand, mechanical, centrifugal purification, advanced reverse osmosis (OR), ultrafiltration through nano-filtration membranes (also used in desalination), ultraviolet (UV), and ozone disinfection systems. This last-mentioned system comes as a “plug-in” unit and is ready to use. Installing such technologies will help in reducing stress on the drinking water supply and reduce water bills. See your water treatment specialist, he or she will be able to advise you, depending on your water quality needs. Any water treatment specialist will be able to provide you with the best cost-effective solution for your situation. For the treatment of sewerage, a more complex procedure is required, but this is also achievable right down to its portable stage.


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NoteTimes/Hours/Amount UsedDays Per Week UsedDays Used in One YearConsumption of ResourceTotal Use of ResourceCost of Resource Per UnitTotal Resource Cost in One YearEstimated Implementation CostEstimated Savings in Five YearsEstimate Pay Off Time
Without Implementation----------
With Implementation----------