L6 - Appliances Disposal

Implementing this symbol means the business/company is repairing its appliances including electronic goods when a breakdown occurs, and if disposed of, a recycler is sourced.

Any appliance or electronic item thrown into general waste is usually incinerated or used as a landfill. The result is that highly poisonous toxins enter into the ecology system and cause irreversible damage. Many manufacturers are producing products that are repairable, offering longer warranties to win back customers. By correctly disposing of your appliances you are giving someone the opportunity to on-sell secondhand goods with a new warranty.
It’s an unfortunate fact that in the mass-production process, un-noticed faults can occur which is why a warranty is essential, but even when the warranty has expired, don’t be afraid to take items back to the point of purchase if and for when you detect a fault. When we buy an advertised product, we are given to believe it is in good condition and will serve its purpose and if an appliance or piece of equipment can’t last beyond a reasonable number of years, the manufacturer should be asked to take responsibility. When we take faulty goods back to the retailer or wholesaler, we hope they will be concerned enough about their reputation to contact the manufacturer on your behalf. The more we, as customers, demand quality from manufacturers and retailers, the higher standards will be met, which ultimately contributes to the saving of energy in the production of the goods.
If you want to repair the goods, look for a workshop that uses recycled parts. Generally, we routinely replace out-of-warranty equipment too quickly, when in fact, a repair quote could result in a much cheaper, more energy-efficient option. Many repairs are simpler than you think and often, a repair quote will be subtracted from the total repairing cost. Some enterprising repairers who know how to build a good business will offer a courtesy replacement or even a permanent swap for a fee. In this way, goods and materials can be endlessly recycled.
When buying new, extended warranties are usually a wise option, typically, these, offer an extra two years warranty for around 10-12% of the total purchase price of the good. If you’re buying second-hand, you can reasonably ask for a three-month warranty, which is also mostly used as a standard. 
Implementing this symbol means that you habitually source a repairer when your appliances and equipment break down rather than tossing the item at the tip. It means that if/when you do need to dispose of a refrigerator, you’ll make sure an accredited license-holder is managing its disposal to ensure the CFC and HFC gases contained in the refrigerator are appropriately handled. Refrigerator compressors also contain mineral oils and new synthetic oils called polyester oils, which are hygroscopic - making them absorbable in water. Dumped refrigerators leak these poisonous substances, which make their way into our water table beneath us, and their effects are devastating and irreversible.


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