M17 - Organically Grown

The implementation of this symbol means that the business/company Is offering a green patch or some land to somebody willing in growing organic food.
By starting to make organic food available, and by requesting it at our local shops, we can all slowly and steadily help build a demand that will encourage a regular supply of organics that will provide jobs and promote healthy living.  Implementing this symbol means helping your community to make conscious and healthy decisions around eating, due to the much better taste and avoidance of using chemicals. A steady turnover will also attract investors that will further help support the local food growing industry that eliminates synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. Non-organic food is only costing a lot of money and is also rather tasteless so no wonder we indulge in sweets and fatty foods because we have forgotten what real food tastes like. We eat anything that gets us full but all of us are longing for that great taste of real food. Organic farming also increases biodiversity at every level in the food chain. Buying organics will save money in the long run by generating demand and lowering costs by sourcing food locally. Food is generally expensive only because of its long-distance transport costs. By being a few cents cheaper per kilogram, a local grower can make a lot of money quickly. The shops participating in this effort will promote growers to expand, giving us all the opportunity to access healthy and cost-effective quality products.
If a small darker spot appears on the fruit or vegetable, this is only because they are more delicate and insects quickly smell the goodness of nature, if we would only copy from nature! A dark spot does not mean that there is an insect inside it. Actually makes the fruit special and cute in a way, it does everything with its color and shape to be attractive enough for us and nature wants to give life, should this not be greatly respected and appreciated, we could be a little more tolerant and appreciative towards nature, it might teach us to appreciate one another a little more also.

The implementation of this symbol means that the business/company has a section designated to organically grow food. The certified seller must have the certificate clearly displayed alongside the food displayed as proof of authenticity. In the case of a farmer promoting organic food, he or she must have the certificate of the organically grown food clearly displayed at their road stall/shop. This is not only a legal requirement but it automatically informs customers, providing confidence. Shops making organic food available to consumers, particularly when the product is sold near non-organic food, has always been an issue. Pricing should be clearly visible to allow comparison. All organic foods sold must be supported by AQIS, the national standard of accredited certification, also the EU regulation of organic products, both being supported and recognized by certification bodies and accreditation under the ACO certification program. Implementing this symbol means keeping organic foods identifiable from other types of food, for the purpose of ascertaining that the product sold is 100% organic. Shop owners can take the opportunity to give customers the ability to taste the difference by having both products available. The great taste of organic products, especially fruit and vegetables, will amaze everybody. 

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