M34 - Mooving to a Rural Area

Relocating to a rural area is a great decision; destressing and contributing further to our environmental protection is the future. To make this work, existing and newly built infrastructure must be retrofitted or equipped with solar-generated energy and other green technologies; self-sufficiency is critical and provides a long-term solution. The move will require seriousness and commitment. Businesses and individuals' main priority is working together to build a model and continuously find the right recipe to support health and live with the least impact on the environment by minimizing waste and supporting wildlife. 
To plan and consider all aspects of rural living is crucial to avoid regrets, un-comfort, and disruption to the significant endeavor. 
The commitment to providing each other with the needed support in a team-like manner and collaboration will further attract other services that can support a comfortable lifestyle; this will further attract young people who wish of owning their own homes and are willing to contribute and conduct a loving, less city-stressed life. Diversity and providing goods and services and essential skills are needed to make a sustainable start.
Through this Implementation, many great opportunities are generated for small investors.
See if regional relocation grants are available by your government.