H5 - Manufacturing OHER&S

Implementing this symbol means the business/company is improving and undertaking the gradual implementation of new manufacturing procedures through the implementation of green technology, also adopting new recycling strategies and waste management

A business/company, which is implementing this symbol, has acquired a new approach to maximizing profits by finding other businesses and allies for the purpose of waste reduction. Often one business’s waste can become another's a resource. This implementation means acquiring renewable strategies in order to minimize the environmental impact and maximize savings. By sourcing alternative cost-cutting solutions to minimize global pollution and in trying to promote employment opportunities, Generally and most commonly 2/3 of energy is saved from such practices.
Some products/materials can be remanufactured and the same manufacturer, which also discounts expensive disposal costs whereas other products can be manufactured with such waste materials. Reuse and in-house recycling are becoming more and more common, large companies have adopted this strategy by understanding the potential and are achieving results by applying such practices. It is possible also for smaller enterprises to participate in such efforts. Implementing this symbol means the business/company is already involved in this practice and also has an interest in becoming a participator in order to save money and support the local economy.


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NoteTimes/Hours/Amount UsedDays Per Week UsedDays Used in One YearConsumption of ResourceTotal Use of ResourceCost of Resource Per UnitTotal Resource Cost in One YearEstimated Implementation CostEstimated Savings in Five YearsEstimate Pay Off Time
Without Implementation----------
With Implementation----------