L33 - Open Day

Implementing this symbol means that the business/company/organization is offering an open day for schools, institutions, or for the general public to generate and encourage interest in industries where there is a skills shortage.

New product demonstration where community members are enticed to participate in any creative or helpful way. Perhaps a partnership with other businesses. For example, a tiling shop could get together with a hobby shop and offer a day course in mosaics. The open day symbol should mainly be used for teaching and motivating students and graduates so they can experience firsthand what a certain trade, manufacturing plant or technology is about. The people attending such open days can be inspired and or motivated in real-time, perhaps with less theoretical research at school but on the field to make it visual and meaningful. Implementing this symbol means the business is offering something very beneficial for the community. This can have long-term beneficial effects. An open day will increase general interest in trade and business and also facilitate making people aware of the dangers and rewards involved.
We recommend when selecting this symbol that the date of the open day is displayed on your ad or more info is given on your own website.


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