M22 - Solar Hot Water

Implementing this symbol means that the business/company has installed a solar hot water system. Save $1'2082.00

Solar hot water production has come a long way after long-term trials in countries around the world. Solar is still not very popular due to the low cost of electricity generated cheaply from coal-fired power stations. This is rapidly changing in recent years due to a solar system's improved quality and provided warranty, enabling an acceptable pay-off time. A variety of solar products are emerging. Flat plate or evacuated glass tube technology, both systems have advantages and advantages, consideration, where you like to position the system, can help you decide which system to choose, always examine carefully the warranty conditions.
Example: 2m x2m Collector supplies an average of 800 W/m2 in summer needing about 7 hours of sun to charge 315 liters of water. From 18 C water temperature heated to 85 C. 315 liters of water require a total energy amount of 88'294.5 K Jules = 24.52 kW Calculated if all water is used, generally the case in a family of four people (Domestic use) Please note: About $5 per year of power consumption should be accounted for when the solar system is a split type, power is used for the water circulation pump and electronic controller.


NoteTimes/Hours/Amount UsedDays Per Week UsedDays Used in One YearConsumption of ResourceTotal Use of ResourceCost of Resource Per UnitTotal Resource Cost in One YearEstimated Implementation CostEstimated Savings in Five YearsEstimate Pay Off Time
Without Implementation24 Hrs Available7 Days365 Days24.52 kWh8'949.8 kW$ 0,27$ 2'416.40-$ 0.00-
With Implementation24 Hrs Available7 Days365 Days0.00 kWh0.00 kW$ 0,27$ 0.00$ 5'000.00$ 12'082About 2 to 3 years